Currently, I am teaching Digital Media & Multimedia Design at McFatter Technical College in Davie, Florida. It certainly does keep me busy. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much a freelancer in my free time (what precious little there is). I will totally take your money in exchange for an awesome website or marketing materials/videos… you just can’t have me full time. Sorry world.

My work experience includes Project Management with teams of specialized personnel in the fields of Platform/Website Development, UI/UX Design and Testing, Search Engine Optimization, Drip Marketing (Planning & Development), Lead Generation and Multi-Platform Customer/Lead Management System Development… (wow… that’s a mouthful). Additionally, I have been responsible for Creative Direction for teams of Marketers, Advertisers, Brand Developers and Social Media Creatives to create compelling and successful campaigns to increase Customer/Lead Generation to support almost every type of business imaginable.

I want to be part of teams constantly pushing themselves to be better. Also, I wouldn’t mind being able to count on them during the Zombie Apocalypse… just sayin’. I am available to work on your Branding, Website, Catalog, Game Development or Photography project. So just be sure to drop me a line. I would love to hear about your projects, and figure out how I can fit into the team.