Here is a quick character animation I made for my Twitch Channel. I LOVED making this little guy, and I look forward to doing way more soon. The base art was made in Adobe Illustrator, then carefully re-assembled piece by piece in Spine. I don’t get a lot of spare time to animate anymore these days, so getting back to it was a rough start, but fun! The animation itself is meant to be very simplistic, as to not draw attention away from the live stream… but I do look forward to figuring out more cool animations to give this guy. The asset development is a LOT of fun, and I enjoy this kind of work as much as any other types of work I do. This character is a variation of the characters used in another project, with more portfolio designs coming on that project too!

While I love rigging and animating 2d characters… they can be… troublemakers. Anyone who has ever done some knows exactly what I am talking about.