I started working on a User Interface for a Unreal Engine 4 game concept, and I really liked how it all turned out. The interface is split into two major element. the HUD and the MENUS. The HUD is placed on top of the game world when the player is running around, controlling the little “concept guy” in the middle of the screen. It shows things like Active Quests, Health/Energy, Team Status, a Chat/Heads Up box, as well as Slots for Abilities and XP gains. All of the Iconography is placeholder art for the HUD.

The HUD design for this project had two simple goals: (1)Bring a compliment to the Low Poly style of the game world, but also (2) maintain the “toony” look and feel of the character designs to bridge the gap and bring these two very different styles together. I am really happy with how it all turned out.

This is the concept for the Inventory System for this game. The Drag & Drop mechanic is used heavily to organize equipment, and slots are “opened” by purchasing bigger bags or adding more tabs through various containers.
Here is a look at the “Skills” layout of this interface design. The game would require the player to increase their XP using certain skills or items, which would unlock new tiers and abilities as they earn. The large pink box is just a placeholder which would have a small video playing, showcasing how each new skill works in the game.
The HUD of the game is meant to bridge the gap between the Low Poly world design, and the cartoonish aspects of the characters and intractable objects in the game world. I especially love how 2d characters can now explore a 3d detailed world!