These two make a fine pair! The Gunner is quick to run into close combat and unleash his blunderbuss on the enemy, while The Coward is trying to figure out why he is there in the first place. The weapons, shields and helmets are all have variations too, and were designed in Illustrator to be rigged and animated in Spine for 2d game projects, but is also being used for a concept tabletop game as well. I loved making the base kit for these types of characters, and enjoyed making all the custom characters like these as well. The trick for me was to build them all on the same “blocks” so that the parts could be interchangeable, but making sure that each piece was designed to be part of a “set” for a character.

Everything about these character designs is built to be mixed and matched… the hair, helmets, faces, hands, arms, shoulders, feet… even the equipment is all built to a specific standard to be completely mixed and matched to create some really interesting combinations.