Another pair of characters who belong to the same Northern Clan as The Berzerker, except that these ladies are all business. To the left you have The Tracker, who can stalk and hunt her prey across bare rock when needed, and keeping her safe is The Shield Maiden. The warrior on the right has bested every opponent who ever stood against her and has the scars to prove it. Watch out for these two powerful women, should you ever cross into their territory. The character design was all done in Adobe Illustrator and built ready to rig and animate. They have interchangeable weapons, shield and armor pieces too. All of the characters in this series were designed for a 2d game design concept, as well as a tabletop game concept as well. I love it when a lot of hard work can be used in a few different ways. I mean, why not use things as many ways as possible, amirite?

I’m not 100% positive why, but with these character designs I get the feeling that this pair of bad-ass ladies would not be a welcome sight across the battlefield. The Shield Maiden in particular seems like she is just silently marching right up to her enemy to offer them a lesson in combat.